Currently a digital designer in DC where my focus is to engage customers in targeted experiences. You can reach me at hello@victoriaamoroso.com.


I’m Victoria

& i like puns + Dad Jokes

Currently a UX designer for Novetta Solutions in North Carolina. 🖥 My most recent project was with Travel Leaders Network (TLN), where I took this microsite that I created for their partner, Royal Caribbean International, and improved the overall UX. So far, it’s looking something like this 🛠(note, since my departure at TLN, this site it is now in the capable hands of digital designer, Colin Tuttle).

Just a taste of other projects I’ve done 👅:



✉️ You can reach me at hello@victoriaamoroso.com
🙋🏽 Read a short bio and see a picture of my face.
📄 & resume is here.